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What if a company does not honor our lease?

If you have decided to lease your Ohio mineral rights to an oil and gas company, particularly one drilling in the Utica Shale region, you may be concerned about whether or not the company is operating within the terms of your lease. If they in any wa… Read More
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How close can oil and gas companies drill to my home?

While you may have leased the mineral rights on your Ohio property to an oil and gas company for royalties, that still does not mean you want unsightly oil wells – particularly surface wells – visible from your home. Nor do you want to face the p… Read More
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Is there an oil and gas lease on my property?

Matters concerning land ownership and leasing can be complicated and involve leasing and rights stretching back years, if not decades. You may have a development or non-development lease on your Ohio property, and not even know it – particularly if… Read More
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Does state law overrule city law in oil and gas zoning?

As a land owner in Ohio, you may be well aware of oil and gas companies seeking the rights to drill on or near your land. City zoning ordinances in your particular area may prevent these companies from obtaining the necessary zoning rights, but often… Read More
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Trespass vs nuisance

Property owners in Ohio should be aware of the terms trespass and nuisance, as they both relate to protected interests in regard to the possession, enjoyment and use of land. A person who commits either of these acts may be liable in court whether ha… Read More
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What isn’t in your oil and gas lease

When you discovered that there was oil beneath your Ohio property, you may have imagined large royalty checks coming in monthly that would allow you to retire and live in luxury. However, the contracts used by oil and gas extraction companies are oft… Read More
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Landowner considerations before signing an oil and gas lease

Thanks to the Utica Shale, many landowners in Ohio are wondering about leasing their property to oil and gas companies. While the thought of oil makes many people see dollar signs, the truth is that often, the terms of the lease reduce profits signif… Read More
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Protecting your rights as a landowner

If you are a landowner, you may face all sorts of concerns, from paying your mortgage to issues with neighbors. However, many landowners in Ohio have resources on their property, such as shale deposits that may attract interest from oil and gas compa… Read More
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Natural gas production up in Ohio

Recently, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources released data on oil and gas production in the state. The numbers point to strengthening natural gas production in the state. According to the data, 372 billion cubic feet in natural gas was reported… Read More
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