Protecting your rights as a landowner

If you are a landowner, you may face all sorts of concerns, from paying your mortgage to issues with neighbors. However, many landowners in Ohio have resources on their property, such as shale deposits that may attract interest from oil and gas companies. Our law firm understands how complicated these issues can be for landowners, some of whom may not even be aware of their rights. If you are in the middle of a dispute with an oil or gas company or believe that your rights have been violated, it is important to go over all details carefully and handle the situation appropriately.

There are a number of pointers that landowners should keep in mind when it comes to shale deposits and making agreements with an oil company. If you do not know your legal rights, it is vital for you to first go over the ins and outs of landowner protections before making any agreements with an oil company. Regrettably, an oil or gas company may simply see dollar signs and ignore the landowner’s concerns. If your rights are violated by an oil company in any way, it is pivotal for you to ensure that they are held answerable.

Working through a dispute with an oil or gas company may seem daunting, especially if they have significant resources. However, you should not allow your rights to be trampled upon because you are afraid to speak out. If you visit our page on oil & gas consultation & litigation, you can read more about landowner rights.