Employment Law

At Baker, Dublikar, Beck, Wiley & Mathews, we represent businesses, public entities, and individuals in a broad range of employment matters. Our clients rely on us to advise them on the ever-changing workplace laws regarding diversity, disability, and discrimination, and to ensure compliance by regularly reviewing and updating policies and training in these critical areas. We also provide seminars and training sessions in all areas of employment law and human resources to further assist our clients with day to day management.

We also provide practical advice and strategic solutions on workplace issues. We encourage clients to call and seek proactive advice before making decisions that could have long range impact on the business. Our experience reveals that most employment issues that lead to litigation may have been avoided by making a call for advice. While talking to lawyers is not always practical in day to day decision making, our clients are comforted to know we are always willing to assist them to avoid problems whenever possible. Thus, when litigation is necessary, we can effectively represent our clients in disputes over employment matters in state and federal courts, in arbitrations, and before state and federal administrative agencies.

Much of our involvement with the public sector is in the form of providing proactive advice and litigation. In both situations, we treat ongoing problems and litigation as training models to improve the organization in order to correct mistakes and improve policies going forward. As a result, we just do not simply defend a lawsuit or answer an inquiry; instead, we look at the greater landscape of the city, township or village, determine what improvements can be made to avoid future issues, and then continue to provide advice and support going forward.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators who appear regularly on behalf of public entities in federal and state courts throughout Ohio, as well as before administrative tribunals and in arbitration proceedings. Skilled negotiators and problem solvers, we assist our clients in obtaining the best possible outcome, avoiding litigation where appropriate, and taking a focused approach to actual trial, bringing our firm’s considerable breadth and depth of experience to bear as we enter the courtroom. We have tried hundreds of cases, gaining valuable practical litigation experience, as well as a solid reputation among the judges we appear before and throughout the legal community in which we practice.

Employment Law Services

Employment law issues are continuously evolving. We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest changes and nuances in the law regarding labor, diversity, benefits and discrimination. Our firm provides training and counseling for HR personnel and the entire company. We are always available to discuss emergency situations, and provide insight on policy changes that should be implemented to improve the organization.

Employment Litigation

We have vast experience in all forms of employment litigation, including civil rights, labor disputes and contract issues.

Workplace Training

We regularly provide training throughout the state in employment areas including policy liability and policy, as well as discrimination.As a result of our significant experience in police liability cases, our attorneys have been asked to present a series of video seminars and publish monthly best practice memoranda on police policy, to be provided to police departments across the state.

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