How close can oil and gas companies drill to my home?

While you may have leased the mineral rights on your Ohio property to an oil and gas company for royalties, that still does not mean you want unsightly oil wells – particularly surface wells – visible from your home. Nor do you want to face the potential health and safety issues that come with having an active oil well right in your back yard. So what is the minimum distance at which oil and companies can drill?

Per Ohio state codes, all wells must be at least 150 feet from an occupied dwelling in an urbanized area, or within 150 feet of the property line of a parcel of land that is not part of the area defined as applicable for use under the lease. You may waive this right with written permission, but that permission is subject to approval. That permission may also be denied if the requested location is within 100 feet of the property line, or 100 feet of an occupied dwelling in an urbanized area.

This means that unless you absolutely want oil wells and tank batteries in your front or back yard, you have defenses to prevent this potential problem. You may be able to see them at a distance, but you can at least protect and preserve a clear area around your home. This may be especially important if you have children or pets who may be endangered by the presence of an active oil and gas drilling site on your property.

This post has been for information purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as actionable legal advice.