Business Litigation

At Baker, Dublikar, Beck, Wiley & Mathews, we represent businesses in a broad range of litigation matters, including contract disputes. Our team of experienced attorneys bring personalized attention and depth of knowledge to each matter we handle, tailoring our advice to our clients’ specific needs and business objectives to achieve the best possible outcome. Our clients value our responsiveness and sound judgment, relying on us to become trusted advisors.

With any litigation matter understanding our client’s overall business strategy is paramount. As we frame our approach to a case, we are always mindful that it fits the legal and business needs of the client. Moreover, at our core we are problem-solvers, and we take great pride in our ability to hone in on the key issues and develop and implement creative, individualized solutions.

Our clients include solo entrepreneurs, start ups, small businesses, and mature companies in a variety of industries, some of whom we have represented for decades. As a firm of established attorneys, we are able to bring to bear our collective knowledge and experience in a diverse range of practice areas, allowing us to take a collaborative approach and to meet our clients’ litigation and business needs with confidence and efficiency.

Baker, Dublikar litigators are skilled writers with strong presentation skills and significant courtroom experience. We prepare each case as if it is going to trial, which we believe is the best way to allow for early resolutions of matters. If trial is necessary, we enter the courtroom with a mastery of both the facts of the case and the relevant law. As the best trial attorneys are great storytellers, we develop our trial strategy around a central theme and work with the evidence and legal arguments to support the theme. Our goal at trial is a focused, logical, concise, and persuasive presentation to the judge or jury.

We appear regularly in state and federal courts throughout Ohio, as well as before administrative agencies, and are well-respected for our professionalism, integrity, and preparedness. In addition to numerous successful jury trials, we have also achieved favorable results for our clients using alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation.

Litigation Services

Our business litigation services involve employment issues, real estate issues, contract issues, and other matters which may arise in the typical business setting.

Contract Disputes

We assist businesses with disputes over contracts, including employee contracts, covenants not

to compete, non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, as well as sales and purchase agreements. From simple breach of contract cases to complicated disputes over complex commercial relationships, our experienced litigators provide effective, efficient representation. Always proactive and responsive in our approach, we tailor our advice and approach to our clients’ specific needs and business objectives to achieve the best possible outcome at a reasonable cost.


Baker, Dublikar attorneys also have substantial experience before state and federal appellate courts in Ohio, as well as before administrative agencies, in a broad range of areas. Our attorneys have successfully argued numerous cases in the Ohio Supreme Court, as well as the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Motions and Legal Memoranda

We assist clients with litigation issues that arise in a variety of contexts, including during trials, real estate transactions, probate proceedings, and administrative actions. We research and prepare motions, as well as legal memoranda and opinions in a broad range of substantive legal areas. Our collaborative and integrated practice allows us to respond to even the most complex challenges with efficiency, creativity and diligence.

Pre-litigation/Risk Management

Our litigation experience also allows us to counsel our clients on risk prevention and other pre-litigation matters, including the legal ramifications of business decisions and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

Contact Us

If you need assistance with a business dispute, we welcome you to contact us at 330-499-6000. Flexible appointments, including evening and weekend appointments, are available.