Driving in winter: 3 tips to stay safe

Winter is a frosty time of year in Ohio. It’s cold, icy and slick. There might be no snow when you walk into work and piles of it by the time you try to leave.

Thanks to the lake effect and other weather patterns, North Canton gets its share of bad weather. Unfortunately, most Ohioans still need to go to school or work. If you’re heading to the Strip, Kent State Stark or Stark State, you may have to maneuver through heavy traffic and slick conditions.

While it’s pretty typical to need to drive in the snow, there are still some tips that can help you get from point A to point B safely. Here’s what you should do if you’re going to need to head out in a snowstorm or during poor weather and want to avoid a car crash.

1. Know your own limits

The first thing to remember is that everyone has their own limits. If you’re scared of driving in the snow and aren’t familiar with these conditions, it may be better to call for a ride or to have someone else drive for you. Get practice in icy conditions by using an empty parking lot or traveling during times of the day when there is less traffic. If you are getting too nervous when driving yourself, pull over.

2. Check the weather and prepare

Another tip to help you get from one place to another in bad weather is to know what kind of weather you’re going to be dealing with. It’s one thing to head out on a snowy day when temperatures are above freezing but a completely different story if you have to drive in snow when it’s -10F. Make sure you bring blankets, some food and water with you in your vehicle, and be aware of how the weather may change throughout the day.

3. Change your route

Finally, a good idea can be to change your route if you’re driving in poor weather. Taking major highways and main roads will help you find streets that are more likely to be cleaned off and safer for travel. The main roads are the first streets that will be salted and plowed, so head to those quickly to make sure you can find a safer route to your destination.

These are three ways you can keep yourself safer in winter. If you’re from Ohio, you’ll have to drive in snow at one point or another. Learning what it takes to stay safe will help you make good decisions when you do.

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