Don’t become a victim of panic-buying recklessness

Panic buying is a term that you have probably been seeing in the news a lot lately. It’s a term that describes people going to stores and buying entire aisles of stock, so that others can’t get access to those items.

Panic buying usually happens during severe storms or weather emergencies or when there is a local, statewide or national risk, such as the coronavirus. It makes sense that people are worried. It also makes sense that panic buying can lead to fights and injuries of those who are at local stores, gas stations or other locations.

The problem with panic buying is that it isn’t rational. People may drive quickly to block in a truck that is carrying necessities. They may get angry in a store and attack someone else. These injuries that are caused by dangerous, scared individuals can lead to victims suffering significant setbacks.

During a crisis, panic doesn’t help

Panicking during a crisis is a surefire way to end up making mistakes that come back to haunt you. Rushing to pull into a parking space and hitting someone who is exiting their vehicle, striking someone as they run into the crosswalk to get away from a mob of angry or panicked customers, or being hit by a driver who tries to get through an intersection during a red light to get to the store faster are all possible scenarios.

In most cases, people are reasonable. They still take their time and are respectful to one another. However, with a major crisis, you’ll always see some people who act recklessly.

What should you do if you’re hurt in a crowd or as a result of panic buying?

Like in any other case, if someone is negligent or maliciously harms you, you may be able to file a claim against them for your injuries. Drivers still need to be courteous to one another and pedestrians. People should not lash out at one another out of fear or just because they’re rushing in a panic to get what they need.

Injuries can have significant, lasting implications for those who are hurt. If you are a victim of a panic-buying mob’s attack, are hit by a car in a crosswalk or have injuries as a result of anyone else’s negligent acts, then it’s important to get their information, to go to the hospital for treatment and to reach out to start a claim.

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