The oil & gas permitting process

When it comes to oil & gas permitting, there are many issues that must be taken into consideration. If you have any areas of uncertainty with respect to this aspect of your business, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of your options and regulations at the state and federal level which could affect you. From selecting a site to working with clients and business partners, there are many different facets of the permitting process that need to be taken into consideration carefully. The way in which you handle the permitting process could affect your business in the near future and years down the road.

By ensuring that your business moves forward in the most sensible manner, you could reduce the likelihood of litigation arising in the future. This can be a tricky area to maneuver, for various reasons. For example, environmental matters and complex changes to state and federal laws involving the energy industry could have a significant impact on your business. However, by identifying the most practical path forward and preparing for any hurdles that could be waiting, you may be able to minimize challenges that could arise or avoid them altogether.

Making sense of the permitting process can be challenging, particularly for business owners who lack familiarity with this area of law or are short on time as a result of other responsibilities. However, this is an essential step that should be approached carefully. Our section on oil & gas consultation and litigation offers more information related to the permitting process.