Interstate 77 and Route 30 construction work begins

Living in North Canton, you’ve been up and down Interstate 77 and Route 30 many times. You know the horrible intersection between route 30 and I-77 north, where drivers have to cross one another to merge. It’s a hazard that has been there for years. Worse yet is that the bridges are not in good repair, and the asphalt is often damaged or riddled with potholes.

The good news is that there is a construction project going on now to improve that interchange. In fact, one of the exit ramps is now being closed so that the state can begin performing work to make the interchange safer.

The closure has to happen to replace a portion of the I-77 bridge over Nimishillen Creek. Previously, a separate, northbound section of the interchange was shut down to allow for replacement structures to be put into place. The construction will shut down the northbound ramp for up to the next three years. Multiple bridges in the area will be replaced, and new pavement will be added in some areas. The Ohio Department of Transportation has more information about this construction project.

As you’re aware, Interstate 77 always has a lot of construction. Every year the Football Hall of Fame has Hall of Fame week, so the roads have to be in good condition. This is also a major highway, so it’s essential that it is repaired regularly. The additional construction may make the area more dangerous, so it is a good idea to check out ODOT’s maps and detours if you’ll be heading south toward Canton and plan to take I-77. Avoiding the construction area could help you avoid a crash, especially as more work is being done and traffic is being diverted.

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