Hit on Interstate 77? Get a fair settlement

In North Canton, you know how busy the roads can get. When work lets out, Main Street backs up from the area around the airport all the way to Route 62. The interstate is busy, too, with 77 flooded with vehicles headed into Belden Village and Massillon.

You deal with this kind of busy traffic every day, but one thing that you’ve noticed is that there seems to be a crash or two every day. It’s nearly a guarantee that the highway will be backed up and that you’ll be faced with a decision to avoid it or travel through the stop-and-go traffic around downtown or in Belden.

Last night, you made the decision to avoid Main and to get to 62 by taking the exit on 77. That turned out to be a mistake. You were merging into the right-hand lane to exit when a young adult heading home from Stark State struck you. They had failed to yield because they were texting a friend.

After a crash, know your rights and responsibilities

If you’re hospitalized because of a crash, it’s important that you know your rights. With your injuries, you may stay at Mercy Medical Center or Aultman Hospital for weeks. You have head trauma and broken bones that will take time to heal. If you need surgery, you may even have to be transferred up to the Cleveland Clinic to be with the specialist there. Everything is very much out of your control right now, but you should know that you can seek compensation if you’ve been a victim of a collision on 77 or anywhere else in the area.

Making a claim against the other driver’s insurance gives you the opportunity to seek:

  • Coverage for your medical expenses
  • Coverage for lost wages
  • Compensation for property damage to your vehicle or items inside your vehicle
  • Punitive damages, which penalize the at-fault party for their reckless actions

You can ask for compensation that will cover your past, current and future medical expenses, pain, suffering and any income you’ve lost or will lose as a result of the crash.

Don’t feel bad about filing a claim against a young driver. Though this was likely an accident and mistake that they won’t make again, it is still your right to pursue the money that you will need to cover your expenses and losses. With support, you can pursue a fair settlement.

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