Auto accidents and estate planning

In the wake of a motor vehicle wreck, victims may be going through a number of hardships. Serious injuries are often an immediate consequence of a crash, whether they involve brain trauma, a broken bone, deep laceration or some other wound. The loss of life is another serious concern that has resulted in a great deal of suffering for many families. However, there are other ways that car crashes can affect victims’ lives as well as the lives of those they love, even though it may not be at the forefront of a car crash victim’s mind immediately following a collision. For example, some car accident victims need to make revisions to their estate plan.

If you have a will, for example, you may want to take another look at the estate plan due to a car crash you were involved in. You may have experienced significant changes with respect to your financial circumstances and these changes may need to be reflected in your estate plan. Whether you have secured a significant amount of compensation following legal action against a reckless driver or you have lost your ability to work because of an injury and are facing financial hardships, changes may need to be made for various reasons. Sadly, some people have had to go over their estate plan because someone they loved, such as a spouse or child, passed away in a collision.

We know how stressful estate plan revision can be, especially for someone who was injured in a car crash, and our page on this topic covers more.