When an employee takes legal action

We have covered some of the different reasons why business owners find themselves in court, from contract disputes to deceptive trade practices. However, there are many more reasons why you may find yourself in the courtroom. For example, a current or former employee may decide to file a lawsuit, claiming that the company they work for or used to be employed by is responsible for their suffering. From a slip-and-fall accident to allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment, there are many different allegations that can result in litigation. Moreover, the outcome of these cases can be incredibly damaging for businesses of all sizes, not only in terms of financial penalties but reputation and future business as well.

If one of your employees has decided to file suit against your business, it is critical for you to go over all of the details that surround the alleged incident(s) and do all you can to work towards a favorable end result. There may be certain details involved in the case which may seem insignificant at first but could have a major impact on the outcome. This also draws attention to the importance of prevention and there are a number of ways you can work to keep these lawsuits from arising in the first place. For example, employee training, awareness programs and thorough investigations can all be helpful.

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