When an employee falsely alleges sexual harassment

Sexual harassment has become an incredibly popular topic in recent months and it is important to focus on eradicating this problem from the workplace. However, sexual harassment cases can be incredibly difficult for business owners and some are not even based on events that actually took place. An employee might decide to falsely accuse a manager or employer of sexual harassment for various reasons, whether they believe that they were treated unfairly even though no laws were broken or they intentionally move ahead with a complaint or lawsuit based on false allegations. It is pivotal for businesses in North Canton and across Ohio to protect themselves during these situations.

So, why do some employees chose to move forward with false sexual harassment cases? Some may do so in an attempt to secure money they need, while others may harbor bitterness toward a co-worker, manager or employer and aim to bring them down with such a case. After all, sexual harassment cases can garner a lot of attention and bring shame to those who are accused. If you believe that one of your workers has done so, it is pivotal to immediately review all relevant details and take steps to protect your business from damage.

There may be some details pertaining to a sexual harassment case which could significantly affect the outcome. As a business owner, it is imperative for you to identify any of these details and the appropriate course of action. Our business litigation section goes over other topics related to sexual harassment.

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