When a worker takes legal action

We have addressed many different legal challenges that oil and gas companies face, from considerations related to contracts to trespassing and land use. However, there are many other reasons why a business or individual may decide to take an oil and gas company to court. For example, you may find yourself in this position because a worker has decided to pursue legal action, in which case it is especially important to be prepared. Not only could the outcome of this case have an immediate impact on your business from a financial angle, but it could lead to other challenges down the road (such as additional cases brought on by other workers).

Some of these lawsuits surface because of an injury that occurred on the job or because a worker passed away while performing their job duties. These can be especially emotional, complex cases and it is pivotal to handle them properly. Legal action may also surface because of allegations that a worker was wrongfully terminated, discriminated against or denied wages that they were owed. We know how complicated a lawsuit filed by a worker can be, so you should carefully examine all of your legal options.

Sometimes, discussing the issue with a worker can reduce tensions and resolve the dispute without litigation, while other workers may be determined to move forward with a suit. Moreover, some of these cases are based on false allegations altogether. However, even these lawsuits can result in massive financial setbacks and a damaged reputation for oil and gas companies.