What to do if injured in North Canton car crash

However careful a driver you are, you cannot account for other road users’ actions. Over 1,000 people died last year on Ohio’s roads, and many more were injured. While some crashes are unfortunate accidents, most are due to the negligence of drivers who were distracted or breaking the law. Here are some steps you must take if you have been in a North Canton car wreck:

  • Stop and help anyone who is injured: Failing to stop is an offense.
  • Ring the police: If there is property damage of more than $1,000 or someone is injured and needs medical treatment, or dies, you must call 911. Otherwise, it is not required.
  • Move your car off the road if safe to do so: It reduces the chance another vehicle crashes into it.
  • Keep quiet: Never admit guilt or even say sorry. It could be taken as an admission of fault.
  • Swap details: You are legally obliged to do this.
  • Ring your insurance company: Report the collision to your insurer. Do not talk to the other driver’s insurance company.
  • Phone an attorney: They have dealt with many car accidents and can take the stress out of the paperwork and avoid errors that cost you money.
  • File a crash report with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles: If someone is injured or killed, there is more than $400 worth of damage to property or the other driver lacks adequate insurance, you must file a report within six months.

If you were injured in a North Canton car crash, or a family member was injured or killed, an insurance company may try to avoid paying the full amount. Consult an Ohio personal injury attorney to protect your legal rights and claim the compensation you deserve.

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