What should you tell your insurance company after an accident?

A motor vehicle accident has the potential to alter your life forever. Even if it’s only a minor accident, it will still shake things up for the time being.

Your number one priority after an accident is to obtain medical care. This helps you understand your injuries, treatment plan and long-term prognosis. Never attempt to treat yourself at home, as you could overlook a serious injury that requires professional care.

As time allows, you should file a claim with your car insurance company. This is easier said than done, as the process you follow will impact the end result. Here are some things you should feel comfortable telling your agent:

  • Where and when the accident occurred: This is basic information that you can share with your agent during your first call.
  • If you were injured: Don’t get into too many details here. Stick to the facts, such as whether you were transported away from the scene by paramedics and your diagnosis.
  • If police were at the scene: This is important because the officer who responded likely created a report. Depending on the circumstances and your injuries, you may not know if and when an officer responded.

Overall, the main thing is that you avoid assuming blame. Don’t talk about the details of the accident, as you never know when you’ll say something that could harm your ability to obtain all the compensation you deserve.

Should your agent or other insurance company representative ask about the details of the accident, tell them that you’re not comfortable discussing them right now. You should first consult with an attorney to better understand what happened, your legal rights and how to approach your claim.

When you stick to the basics, you get the wheels in motion without putting your claim at risk. This allows you to continue to focus on your recovery, all while knowing that you’ll have the ability to obtain compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Remember, your insurance company isn’t on your side. They’ll do whatever is best for them, and that’s why you should take the exact same approach to your claim.

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