What happens when a personal injury claim goes to trial?

Say you have suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident. If the injury is severe, you can expect weeks or perhaps even months of treatment. Most victims must also take significant time away from work to complete the healing process. There are also many out-of-pocket expenses associated with a serious injury such as the cost of traveling to and from medical appointments.

Combined, these issues often result in real harm to a victim’s finances. One way to address these hardships is to pursue a personal injury claim. This allows you to seek the maximum amount of compensation available. Many of these claims settle out of court, but for those that make it to trial, it is helpful if you know what to expect.

Your attorney will explain everything you need to know in advance of the proceedings. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself for your journey through the Ohio judicial system by reviewing the litigation stages below:

  • The first step is selecting a jury. All parties involved in your claim will take part in this stage.
  • Next, your attorney and the lawyer representing the defendant in your claim will make an opening statement addressing the jury.
  • Third, the court will listen to the testimony provided by witnesses. The attorneys on both sides will have a chance to rebut this testimony. This is also the stage at which the attorneys can present evidence to the court. Examples include photographic and/or video evidence.
  • Next, the lawyers will deliver their closing arguments, which is their last chance to sway members of the jury.
  • Afterward, the jury will receive instructions from the court and retire to a chamber to deliberate the case and its evidence.

The litigation process surrounding a personal injury claim sounds overwhelming. However, the right attorney is committed to guiding and supporting you throughout the entire process. You don’t have to go through this process alone.

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