The need for a health proxy

When it comes to estate planning, many in Ohio do not want to think of the bad things, such as death or a challenging medical situation. However, these things do happen, and if one does not have a plan for how to deal with them, things can get messy. A health proxy is one thing that can help ease the stress of friends and loved ones in certain circumstances.

According to the American Bar Association, a healthcare proxy names someone who will make medical decisions for you in the event you are unable to yourself. Examples of when a proxy may come into place are if someone has dementia, is in a coma, is suffering from major injuries or is in a life-threatening situation. A healthcare proxy only goes into effect when a doctor puts in writing the patient is unable to make the necessary decisions, and the writer of the proxy can change it at any time. Having a health proxy ensures the medical team carries out your wishes and that no one is going to fight about the steps to take.

Forbes discusses that it is important to choose the right person for the job, as the outcomes can be life-altering. One of the most imperative factors is to choose someone trustworthy. You need to trust this person will follow your directives and will not let others or emotions get in the way. Make sure the person is willing and able to ask the medical team difficult questions and to ask for clarification when necessary. The person should also be able to make decisions in times of stress and change.