Talk to your teen about safe driving techniques

Teens are learning how to drive, and that can mean that mistakes are made. Ohio has rules and laws to prevent teens from driving with too many passengers or driving while impaired, but that doesn’t mean that those situations don’t happen.

Unfortunately, since teens tend to hang out in similar places and around their schools, it’s possible that they could be involved in car crashes with friends or other teens and their families.

In 2017, over 2,300 teens lost their lives in crashes across the United States. Car crashes are a leading cause of death for teens.

Some of the reasons that teens are more likely to be involved in a crash and suffer from injuries include:

  • Having less experience
  • Learning to drive at night
  • Drowsy driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Nighttime driving
  • Driving with other teen passengers
  • Not using a seat belt

As a parent with a teen, it’s important that you talk to them about the important steps to take to stay safe. You should ride with them for up to 50 hours, so that they get more driving experience with guidance. Additionally, make sure that your teen practices driving at different times of the day and night.

Putting aside distractions and getting enough practice will help prevent your teen from causing a crash, but what about avoiding one?

To avoid a crash caused by another person, you should:

  • Always look both ways when approaching an intersection, even if you have the right of way
  • Slow down, so that you have time to react to other drivers and any mistakes that they make
  • Avoid talking on the phone or texting, so that you are always aware of what is happening around you
  • Give other drivers plenty of warning when you plan to turn or slow down

North Canton is busy, and there will be times when your teen gets caught up in stop-and-go traffic on Interstate 77 or in Belden Village. Whether they’re headed to their high school or planning to meet up at the mall with their friends, it’s important that they are encouraged to be respectful of other drivers on the road and to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

If your teen does end up getting into a crash because of another driver’s actions, make sure they know to call 911 and to stay at the scene. After that, you can focus on helping with their personal injury claim.

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