Ohio firm damaged in cyberattack sued by attorney general

We recently learned how damaging cyberattacks can be, especially to small- and medium-sized businesses that may not have the latest and greatest defense against online threats. One company appears to be paying the price in more than one way for an incident that left it struggling to recover.

A startup company based in Dublin that has since closed its doors is being sued by the attorney general in Columbus, who is claiming that it violated consumer protection standards for the state of Ohio. The firm was responsible for developing and promoting inventions for the mutual benefit of the creator and the company.

The attorney general claims they did little more than take a combined amount more than $800,000 from clients in several states as well as Canada. More than half the complaints were filed after the firm abruptly shut its doors in the last month of 2019.

Inventors say they signed contracts but heard little in developments from the company when it was operating. However, the former chief executive officer of the company claims a cyberattack was so severe that it irreparably damaged its servers and forced the closure. He also claims the lawsuit is causing problems in their efforts to make restitution to people who suffered losses.

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