Litigation as a construction company owner

Lawsuits can create challenges for business owners in all industries, but litigation can be an especially tough blow to construction company owners. If you run a large construction company or a relatively small business, litigation may arise for any number of reasons. However, if the lawsuit is not handled correctly, it can be very damaging to your pocketbook and your business’ reputation. Unfortunately, some construction company owners have been pushed out of business altogether because of the consequences of a lawsuit, which underlines how vital it is to understand all of your legal options in this position.

You could be taken to court by a client or by someone who works for you. Disagreements may be centered around the terms of a contract, claims that proper payments were not made, the work that was performed, or any other number of reasons. Even if you do not anticipate that litigation will arise, you may be surprised to find out that someone has decided to file suit. In certain instances, contractors and those who own construction companies are able to resolve these disputes without going to court. However, litigation often cannot be avoided and it is critical to prepare your defense well.

Aside from the financial impact of litigation, your construction company’s reputation is on the line when you are taken to court, so you should be very careful with how you handle these matters. Our business litigation page provides more information that may be helpful for those who are dealing with construction disputes or other business-related disagreements.

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