Litigation and your small business

Sometimes, when people hear the words “business litigation” they picture a large corporation or an incident involving a multinational that has received a lot of attention in the news. However, lawsuits targeting businesses can be problematic for small, family-owned businesses as well. If you run a small business, it is important to be aware of the different areas of concern regarding your business and identify the best course of action in the event that your business is taken to court. Some business owners do not think about litigation very much until they find themselves in this difficult position, but preventative measures are also important.

A small business may face lawsuits for a number of reasons, but some are particularly concerning. For example, a small business could face litigation over employment law matters (wrongful termination, denied wages, discrimination, etc.), fraud, a contract dispute or intellectual property rights, among other reasons. If your business has been taken to court over these allegations, it is crucial to figure out the best approach.

Litigation can be especially devastating for small businesses and those who own the business may not be able to keep their doors open following an unsuccessful result in the courtroom. Lawsuits can be very damaging for businesses that may not have the resources to stay afloat afterward and it is crucial to know what your options are if you are in this position. Head to our page on business litigation if you are interested in reading more material related to small business lawsuits.

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