Land use and regulatory compliance

For oil & gas company owners, a plethora of challenges may arise. If you run one of these companies in Ohio, the attorneys at Baker, Dublikar, Beck, Wiley & Mathews fully understand how complicated these hurdles can be. Handling these types of problems when they arise is essential, but it is also incredibly important to look into preventative measures that can be taken. For example, many companies have encountered serious problems related to land use and regulations, so it is a good idea to review any relevant regulatory matters related to land use and ensure regulatory compliance. However, we certainly understand that things can go wrong for various reasons.

When an oil & gas company faces problems related to the alleged failure to abide by regulations, the entire ordeal can be very overwhelming and much may be at stake. Not only can these cases bring stiff financial penalties, but they can tarnish a business’ name and may even prompt the owner of the company to shut the business down altogether. As a result, handling these allegations properly is extremely important. In the event that you are facing these difficulties, it is vital to go over the ins and outs of all of the details surrounding the case.

Outside of land use, there are many other issues that oil & gas companies need to go over carefully. Our page on this area of law provides more information for business owners who would like to take a closer look at legal considerations related to land use, regulatory compliance and related matters.