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Should you worry about a no-contest clause before probate court?

Dealing with the loss of a loved one or family member is never easy. One of the biggest concerns after a death is often how to handle an estate and the assets of the deceased. Even if someone reached an advanced age and had taken the time to create a valid will and estate plan, there's still likely to be many issues. For example, perhaps the person named as executor of the estate has not fulfilled his or her duties. Perhaps you believe that undue influence or duress impacted the terms of the will.

Insurance companies aren't trying to protect you after a crash

You've paid a liability insurance premium in order to drive your vehicle since you first got your license and a car. You may have gone decades without needing to file a substantial claim for coverage. Thanks, in part, to slick advertising copy that emphasizes how insurance companies are there for their clients after a crash, many people assume their insurance company will seek to protect them when they file a claim.

Undue influences: Challenging changes to a will

Undue influence is defined as influencing a person's freedom of choice with his or her own choices. This could be a result of duress, where a person forces the other to make changes to his or her will or trust, coercion or necessity. The problem with undue influence is that it impacts people's estates. It may put their beneficiaries out thousands of dollars, and it could result in legal challenges.

Can you challenge your parent's will?

One of the most common questions asked by clients of probate litigation attorneys is if they are able to contest a will. It's a good question to ask, as simply being dissatisfied with the provisions in a will is insufficient grounds for contesting its validity.

Creating noncompete agreements that protect your business

Human resources are a key component to the success of any business. In many situations, in fact, staff control some of the most important information. For businesses that have significant trade secrets known by or accessible to staff, noncompete agreements are a critical form of protection.

How to ensure your position as executor isn't challenged

There is a kind of honor involved in getting named the executor of an estate. The deceased obviously had faith in your ethics and ability to handle the difficulties and decisions involved with properly administrating an estate. He or she may have warned you about the role you would play in the last will or estate plan, or it may have come as a surprise when you were already in a state of grieving.

Steps to creating a business plan

For many people, part of the American dream is being their own boss. Running your own business in North Canton may be something that you have been considering for some time. Before you start your company and hit the ground running, it is important to take the time to formulate a proper business plan.

What it takes to challenge a will

In order to challenge a will, you need a certain standing. For example, you cannot challenge your aunt's will simply because you think you should have received a portion of her estate. In order to effectively challenge someone's will, you have to be an "interested person." In general, an "interested person" includes children, heirs, spouses and creditors. It also includes any person or organization that has rights to the decedent's property or a claim against it.

Does something seem wrong about your parents' last will?

Losing your parents is difficult, even if your parents lived full and productive lives. No matter how old your parents are when they pass, it's still hard to lose them. In addition to the pain of the loss itself, there are other factors that can make grieving even more difficult. Money is often the last thought on your mind in the wake of such a serious loss. However, when the time comes to read the last will and execute the estate, change to your inheritance can leave you feeling shocked, angry, hurt and frustrated. What could have prompted your parent(s) to reduce your portion of the estate?

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